“Delight” 2018

“Delight” 2018


If you’re interested in me doing a commission for you, here are some questions you can answer to better help me price and plan out your painting ASAP. Feel free to email me with the answers to all: laurenashleighart@gmail.com

1.       What size does this painting need to be? Do you have a canvas/surface already that you want me to paint on?

2.       Give me an idea of what this painting is for. The inspiration. A specific memory, just something to show your personality, your experience with mental illness, is it for a friend/family member? Etc.

3.       If there are any paintings of mine that you’ve seen that you’ve especially felt drawn to, go ahead and include those in the email to me!

4.       Is there a specific space this painting is for? A color scheme you’d like it to follow?

5.       Is there a deadline this needs to be done by?

6.       Are you local? Or where does it need to be shipped?

7.       Is there a specific budget you’re working with? (I can list options for that certain price)


It is my goal to make sure you LOVE this painting, and also don’t feel super stressed about spending a huge amount of money. So I offer a stretched out payment plan!

At the beginning of the commission process, you will put down a deposit of 50% of the final cost along with the cost of the canvas. You won’t pay the rest until you receive the painting. If you aren’t comfortable paying the rest of the cost at once, I can split it up into 2 more monthly payments.

I often accept payments through apps like Venmo + Cash App. If you don’t have either, I also can take cash or check, and I will begin the painting when it’s received. If you need to pay with PayPal, there will be an extra charge for the transaction. That charge will vary based on the total payment.

Denim Commissions:

Bring or mail me a denim jacket or shirt you have laying around and I’ll paint on the back for you! I’ll always have jackets for sale, but if you want to decrease cost and have something made personally for you, I’ll do it for $30-$60 depending on size and shape you’d like. Email me with a photo of your jacket, your desired colors, and shape, and I’ll give you an estimate!

Live Painting:

I am asked quite often to come paint for random events. Galleries, art openings, holiday events, brunch events, etc. I am always willing to come do some live painting! Depending on the event, I will need reimbursed for supplies used, unless you are supplying canvas and paints. Are you keeping the painting, or is this just for entertainment? It’s something we can discuss through email! Feel free to contact me with details: laurenashleighart@gmail.com


If you’re interested in me painting a mural for you, feel free to answer the relevant questions from above in an email to me, along with these questions:

1.       Will it be on brick, drywall, wood, etc.?

2.       Will I be supplying the paint, brushes, etc.?

3.       Will you have a ladder and drop cloth available?

4.       Location?

5.       Inside or outside?

I price my murals by square foot. Starting at $25/square foot. An extra charge may be added if there is a quick deadline.

Example: A 10’ x 10’ mural would be $2,500.