Lauren Ashleigh Benjamin 

Photos by Elena Goodale


I am a quirky, free-spirited, twenty-five year old, creative type. I was born in Cincinnati, raised in Kentucky, currently residing and hoping to further flourish in Columbus, Ohio. I have a Bachelors in Fine Art, yielding a precious part-time art teaching job at a small studio in Bexley, Ohio. My main medium is acrylic and oil paints.

I use a lot of blue. It never seems to be intentional, it just happens. Blues and greens are the colors my mind seems to paint with. I think of the contrast of water and sky, calm and sad. There is always a contrast: light and dark, smooth and textured, harsh and soft, warm and cool. The opposites are intentional, as my racing thoughts tend to include my passions as well as my worst nightmares.

My story is spread into each piece with the brushes and pallet knives of choice. These works are my depictions of the current process within my mind. I want my paintings not only to attract the eye, but to lead the viewer to question why the gradient that naturally draws the eye. I paint with the motivation and inspiration (or lack thereof) from mental illness. The span of struggles and deficiencies is vast. Anxiety and depression are probably most relatable to my viewers. Not only is art a type of therapy to me, but it is what I want to use to bring even the smallest bit of healing to others, however that looks.

A big part of why I am selling and sharing my art is to not only help support myself as an artist, but to help the hurting and enslaved. I want to help put an end to human/sex trafficking. I try to donate as much as I can to non-profits like She Has a Name, that help bring girls out of sex trafficking, help women have the resources to start over, and help to provide a place for those who have been trapped and enslaved. I have worked with a non-profit called Uniquely Ordinary that raises awareness about things such as suicide, anxiety, other mental illnesses. I have wanted to use my art and donate my art to bring light to the real and personal battles within mental illness.

The chase for freedom is spread throughout all of this; my work, my passion, my thoughts and emotions. If I can use my art as an encouragement, a challenge, a gift, or a motivation for others to join in the hunger to end human trafficking, to heal broken hearts, to inspire the apathetic, my heart would be full. 

So this is just a little bit about me. I always love to hear from y'all. I take commissions, questions, critiques, and favorite jokes. Click “Contact” to connect with me!

With All My Love,


Lauren Ashleigh Benjamin